How to Contribute


A site like this definately needs YOUR participation and help to grow and improve. Any contributions are welcome - photos, pedigrees, articles, research... Help build a wonderful legacy for future breeders and lovers of the Himalayan!


Photos of any Himalayan/CPC cats are more than welcome. Those cats who have earned a title of GC/GP or higher will be featured on those individual pages. In addition, ALL photos will be added in to the pedigree database, allowing the pedigree searches to show more than just names and titles, but actual photos of ancestors!

If you have scanned copies of your photos, they can be sent to - please be sure in your e-mail to clearly identify the full name of the cat in the photo.

If you have only hard copy photos that need to be scanned, please contact me directly for more information... I would be happy to scan them in, and there are also a number of other breeders in the country willing to do scans as well.


Pedigrees of any Himalayan/CPC cats are also than welcome. They will be added into the online database maintained by this site. Please contact me directly to determine the best way to send the information. Corrections to pedigrees are also always welcome!


Have aspirations to become a writer, or just a desire to share something of interest? Please consider writing an article to be posted on the site! Interview a breeder... profile a notable cat... share a great grooming tip... the possibilities are endless! ;-)

Help make HCO a wonderful resource for all of us, and share your knowledge.

Other Registries

Although the site currently is very focused on CFA, that's only because I breed and show primarily CFA, and that's the information I have easily accessible. If you have the resources and would like to volunteer to compile similar information for other organizations (TICA, ACFA, CCA, FiFe, etc), I would be delighted to include it on HCO.


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