Welcome to HimalayanCatsOnline.com - the website devoted exclusively to the Himalayan Cat - containing articles, photos, pedigrees, history, and more!

What is HimalayanCatsOnline.com?

HCO is a new site with the goal of creating a "one-stop" online resource for information regarding Himalayans and CPCs – their history, photos, pedigrees, etc.

The Webmaster

My name is Kathy Durdick - I breed and show Himalayans under the Ristokat cattery name. I've created HCO as a way for me to combine my passion for the Himalayan breed, my love of web design, and my interest in history and writing – and a way to hopefully create something that will become useful to the breeders of the future as well. This free access website will be a place for breeders to share information, photos, and pedigrees on our beautiful Himalayans.

The Idea

So, how in the world did the idea for HCO come about? In July of 2004, I had just finished creating a website for the Somali Breed Council, for a friend of mine, Tammy Roark, who is the CFA Breed Council secretary for Somalis. Tammy spent hours of time researching information about the breed and its CFA show results and history, which we included on the site.

When the Somali Breed Council Website was completed, a Himi friend of mine and I were musing about how nice it would be to have that same information available to us as Himalayan breeders, all in one place…

The idea was born!

The Reality

Of course, an idea like that doesn't happen overnight... It’s been a slow process, with many, many hours of work, to take that simple idea to reality. And it will continue to be an ongoing process - with your help.


As you browse through this site, you may think it's meant to be exclusively CFA... but it is absolutely open to information about Himalayans from all registries. It's just that because I breed and show in CFA, that information is what I currently have most easily accessable. If anyone has the resources and would like to volunteer to compile similar information for other organizations (TICA, ACFA, CCA, FiFe, etc), I would be delighted to include it on HCO.

With Thanks

A big thank-you to a number of people who helped with the initial set-up and information gathering for the site, including:

  • Belinda Ernest, Tanglebox Cattery
  • Dianna Miller, KittyPar Cattery
  • Lee Harper, Mockingbird Cattery
  • Diane Castor, Playwickey Cattery

In addition, a sincere thank-you to all those breeders who have generously shared photographs and pedigrees, to help make this site a wonderful resource for Himalayan breeders – both today, and into the future!

Help Build The Legacy

For HCO to continue to grow and improve, we need the participation of all breeders and admirers of the Himalayan. If you have photos or pedigrees that you are willing to share, please see the “Contribute” page for more details on how you can become a part of this site.

Please, feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc for the site! I hope you enjoy your stay, and return often in the future...



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